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A Missional Mindset

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missional.jpgAs disciples of Jesus Christ we must intentionally live on mission where God has planted us. This means that most of our mission work won’t be done carrying a passport in a foreign land, but it will occur during our everyday lives.

To live this way every day of our lives requires a power beyond us. This is the power that Jesus Christ promised in Acts 1:8 when He said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” As we make disciples there will be times that we feel inadequate and that is why we must never stop depending upon God to impact the lives of those we are investing in.

Notice the plan Jesus gives us in Acts 1:8 for living missionally. Jesus says that with the power of the Holy Spirit, “you will be My witnesses.” The great plan of discipleship is not wrapped up in how many verses I have memorized or how good my arguments are for Christ, but rather in the simple desire to be used by God to point to Jesus Christ. Our main task is to draw attention to Jesus, not ourselves. It’s much the same as when you look in the mirror, your attention is not drawn to the glass that is doing the reflecting, but to the reflection itself.

The question could be asked, “How do we reflect the image of Jesus and point to Him?” This is where I say missional living needs to become a mindset that affects how we dress, how we act, how we speak, everywhere we go. In living a changed life we also verbally witness that Jesus is the reason our lives are different. People may debate many things but they cannot argue with a changed life.

The interesting thing I’ve discovered about a missional mindset is that people are not seen as targets or assignments, but simply as someone precious and valuable to God. Our approach then becomes more about caring about someone because God cares, than checking off an assignment. I remember when I was attending the Moody Bible Institute that each week we had to turn in our PCM (Practical Christian Ministry) report. While I understand the importance of accountability, I often wondered in the scramble on Fridays was to check a box off or to rejoice in opportunities I had to be used by God to point someone to Jesus. The difference is the missional mindset.

In aligning my heart and mindset with the Master I have noticed that the longer I am a Christian, the harder I have to fight becoming isolated and insulated from the divine appointments I could take advantage of. Perhaps accountability for the mission is a good starting place, but somewhere in my walk with the Lord it has to be my desire and intention to be His witness. The missional mindset takes my calendar and hands it to the Lord saying, “Here this is yours to fill in because I want to be on mission with You everyday, in every way possible.  

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