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Lose That Entitlement Mentality

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I don't characterize myself as an impatient person.  I like to describe it more as living a tightly coordinated life where I like for all the details and people around me to march in cadence with my direction as a leader.  Well, as least that sounds better in my head.  However, most of us don't handle it very well when something interferes with our plans or desires.
     I know in my own life when I see the ugly monster of irritation and resentment raise it's head I usually feel bad about it and scold it back into submission.  The more this scenario plays out in my life the more I realize this bandaid approach simply doesn't work.
     If we are to gain victory over this problem in our lives we must break the mindset of entitlement we've become accustomed to.  Instead of pushing our frustration and resentment back down, we must bring it into the light so that God may deliver us from it's bondage.
Being honest about our problem before the Lord enables us to see that what we really resent is God's authority over us.  I know the Sunday School answer is that God is sovereign and as my Savior and Lord He has all authority over my life.  It's a different story however, when God's authority starts encroaching on our little kingdom that we think we control.  That's usually when resentment starts to rear it's ugly head.
     In order to break this entitlement mentality we have to confess that as the supreme authority in our life, God is free to give or take away anything He wishes.  However, it's much more than confessing that God is all powerful and can do what He wants, as if He was some kind of cosmic bully, but it's really an attitude of rejoicing in the fact that God knows what's best and when it's best.
     This was the lesson Job learned and shared with us in our text.  Instead of looking at the people and possessions in our life and thinking we should have these, we should feel grateful that God has allowed us to have them.  You know that you have achieved this victorious mindset when you decide that you can let go of anything except God's hand.
     Next time you're frustrated with how your plans or desires have been thwarted don't be embarrassed, be honest and come before the Lord acknowledging your rebellion against His authority and gratefully submit to His plan to either give or take away.  Again he said: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there.  The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."  (Job 1:21)
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